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Good Egg Media, Inc. is an innovative full-service television and video production company that takes good ideas from conception to screen. Known for our collaborative and personal approach to filmmaking and armed with a small staff of top talent, we keep our overheads low and our production values high. Beyond our core team, Good Egg Media retains relationships with the some of the country’s best editors, designers and Directors of Photography - pulling in the right talent for each project to create engaging, meaningful and visually stunning series, programs, spots, marketing tapes and digital content that connects with audiences using all mediums.

Good Egg Media productions represent a wide array of work and budgets for a richly diverse group of Broadcast Networks, Broadband Channels, Corporate, Non-Profit and Government clients.

Beyond our work for hire, we also develop and produce original long-form series, documentary work and multi-platform content including web series, Cook-Wise for National Geographic and Turning the Tide: with superstar chef and environmental advocate, Barton Seaver as well as civic-minded projects and documentaries for Richard Dreyfuss and The Dreyfuss Initiative.

Good Egg Media, Inc. is a small company with big ideas – we create and deliver television, video and content with high-end production values, clever creative, powerful messages, great stories and unforgettable imagery combined with savvy efficiency and a good attitude.

What came first-the Good or the Egg? In this case we actually know...

Erin McCahill

Erin McCahill has been writing, producing and directing award-winning, engaging and entertaining television for over 17 years. With a uniquely diverse background in both long-form series & documentaries and short-form promos, commercials, branding, marketing and multi-platform content; Erin brings a wealth of experience, original creative concepts, multi-platform expertise, quality, integrity and the right team to every project.

Erin began her career working on the Peabody winning documentary, Normandy: The Great Crusade, Emmy Award Winning, The Invention Series and Cyberspace for The Discovery Channel as well as People Count the Facts of Life for TBS and The Hollywood Blacklist for Bravo. She then took a job at National Geographic Television as a promo producer where she won several industry awards for her work including the re-brand of Explorer and the launch The National Geographic Channel internationally.

Recruited by the BBC to launch and lead the BBC America promo team, Erin’s award-winning creative work for the channel included two channel launches (BBC America & UK Food), promos, campaigns and re-brands in both the US and UK, a two-year attachment to the BBC in London and a move back into long form programming where she commissioned, wrote, directed and produced series and shows for the channel, VOD and home video distribution including: The Telly, BBC America Comedy Live Presents: Dylan Moran, Ground Force America Specials, Comedy Specials, The BAFTA Red Carpet Special, Fanatical about Coupling plus Behind the Scenes specials for The Young Visiters, Gormenghast, Changing Rooms, State of Play and Wire in the Blood just to name a few.

In 2006, Erin left the cozy offices of broadcasting giants to start her own production company, Good Egg Media, Inc. (if it were named today it might be called Egg’d – but you’ll have to meet us in person to find out why).

Ms. McCahill lives outside Washington, DC with her husband, son and daughter.

Sarah Kelsey

Sarah is a true renaissance woman, with a love for storytelling, a passion for dance, a flair for style and the ability to make things happen. With more than a decade of production experience, she can be found both in front and behind the camera. As a professional lindy hop dancer during her University days, she was cast in the PBS special Big Band Sounds of WWII, which launched her talent career. During that time she also began a clothing line that launched her costume design and styling career. Sarah got her Television start at BBC America where she was hired (by Erin) from a pool of potentially more experienced producers because of her spark, natural ability to solve problems and enchanting personality.

Sarah has worked her way up the production ladder in suites, on location, in studio, in post-production facilities, on films and music videos. She is one of those rare people who is logical yet creative - she is great as a production manager and fantastic in the field. Sarah’s producer credits include series for BBC America, The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic and PBS as well as on marketing tapes and upfronts for TV One, The FCC, NIH, DHS and of course here at Good Egg Media, Inc.

Sarah is also the creative director and talent behind, the one stop shop for all styling needs.

She lives in DC with her sidekick - the office dog affectionately called Tinks.


We produce both long form series & specials and short form spots, branding, marketing tapes and digital media for a variety of broadcast, corporate and non-profit clients.






Good Egg Media, Inc. retains relationships with an award-winning team of editors and designers who are not only good, they’re great. Across the board, they help us bring messages and stories to life combining incredible skills with beautifully crafted edits and graphics.

The best part – they are all good eggs.


Good Egg Media, Inc. retains relationships with some of the countries most sought after Directors of Photography, Audio Engineers, Editors, Designers, Musicians and crew. Whatever the project, wherever the location, we bring the best (and right) talent to every job.

Project Managers

Our highly experienced team of project managers, make anything possible. With an eye on the budget plus a real understanding of production they keep us on track, get our crews into almost any location and approach client services with complete professionalism - creating a space where good things happen every day.